Tax Law

Fiscal optimization is our starting point in every analyzed operation. We operate strategically in Tax Planning, in Tax Consulting and in Tax Litigation.

■ Identification and implementation of tax planning in order to legally reduce the tax burden applicable on business activities considered as a whole for our customers, in each specific analyzed operation, including with the use of all possible tax incentives, considering the specific activity and, if applicable, the location of the taxpayer.

■ In tax consulting, we advise our customers in relation to the proper interpretation and application of the law, through the preparation of legal assessments and opinions, technical letters, meetings, among other means, keeping them up to date with changes in tax laws and in administrative and judicial case law.

■ Tax consulting is also rendered through tax revisions, in which tax appraisals are assessed, principal and accessory obligations are fulfilled and the completion of several statements rendered to collection entities is carried out properly. The tax revisions do not allow us to identify alternatives for the optimization of the tax burden and at the same time point out contingencies possibly unknown by the management of the company.

■ Tax litigation activities are developed under an administrative and judicial scope, through the filing of lawsuits, preparation of consultation processes, defense cases, impugnation, resources, either in notice of infraction, debt notices, fiscal execution, in all federal, state and municipal spheres, in all matters related to taxes, charges and contributions of all kinds.

■ Specialized defense for partners in Tax Enforcement processes that had or may have their personal assets pledged by tax debts of the companies in which they hold or held interest, in a remedial manner by aiming to exclude the partner as a defendant and in a preventive manner by using legitimate protection mechanisms protection or business estate planning to safeguard the assets at risk..