Litigation and Arbitration

■ We are prepared to go into court. We strategically represent our clients in the most varied demands in administrative and judicial proceedings and arbitrations

■ In judicial litigation, we represent our clients in different spheres of the Judicial Power, from distribution/contestation of lawsuits in municipal judgments, in different locations, up to distribution of memos and oral argument at State and Higher Courts in Brasília.

■ We represent our clients in litigations related to the tax area under all administrative and judicial spheres  – federal, state and municipal.  In particular in fiscal administrative litigations, we operate with federal, state and municipal Taxpayer Councils in tax proceedings related to all taxes, charges and contributions of any nature.

■ We represent our clients in contentions related to other corporate law areas, for example, in corporate, contractual (private and/or public contracts) litigations , bids, intellectual property, trademarks, expropriations, judicial/extrajudicial collections and judicial recovery of companies, among others.

■ In arbitration, we represent our clients in different Courts and Arbitration Chambers of the Country (CCBC, CIESP, CAESP, FGV), in addition to, in the contractual and pre-arbitration phase, preparing and revising the commitment clauses and identifying the best arbitration rules and cuts for each case.

■ Pre-litigation activities aimed at preventing lawsuits and the breakdown of interests through agreements and transactions, when such alternatives seem more interesting as compared with the lawsuit’s real chances of success.

■ Preparation of opinions about Brazilian Procedural Law in administrative, judicial and arbitration proceedings.

■ It is standard procedure of the office to send monthly reports to the clients describing the progress of the proceedings under our responsibility, in addition to the main official parts  of each process, at no detriment, when applicable, to the definition of the strategies with the client in relation to the process.