Estate Protection and Planning

■ Private Banking – Appraisal and analysis of estate situation of entrepreneurs and administrators with the purpose of diagnosing risks, verifying tax efficiency and suggesting the implementation of legal acts, whether for inheritance purposes, as well as for the purpose to protect - plan, or both.

■ Estate Protection or Planning, within legal limits, of assets and rights in relation to liabilities (corporate, tax, social security, labor) undertaken by partners and administrators during the performance of their business activities, through the structuring and restructuring of assets via the use of holdings, trusts, funds, corporate transactions to segregate or aggregate assets, among others.

■ Implementation of corporate structures that ensure the transition of assets for inheritance, in a safe and harmonious manner, with the lowest tax load possible for the operation.

■ Planning and guidance for inheritance of individuals, comprising the constitution of asset companies, holding companies, off-shore companies, trust, foundations, international foundations, drawing up of wills, living divisions, free or onerous conditional or not donations, with or without restrictive clauses, such as reservation of usufruct, restraint on alienation, on guarantee, on communication.

■ Planning and guidance of succession of joint stock companies and limited liability companies, including the production of contracts and agreements, notably shareholders’ agreements, partners’ agreements, setting of share classes with different powers, establishment of power and restrictions, discipline of the right to vote and veto, balance of power after the succession, among other issues.

■ Management guidance and implementation and possible accommodations and relocation of assets comprising an estate object of inheritance in the pre-succession phase.

■ Assistance in the reconciliation of conflicting interests about directions and destinations to be stipulated for property jointly held, by family groups or mere joint owners.

■ Guidance and assistance in the preparation of prenuptial agreements.

■ Judicial action for conversion of marriage regimes aimed at separating the couple's estate and granting more security to the spouses and heirs.