Real Estate

■ Involvement in real estate transactions in urban and rural areas, through the implementation of the most appropriate legal format to formalize the business analyzed, aimed at legal safety and fiscal optimization of operations made by our clients.

■ Assistance in the implementation of Real Estate Lots, Real Estate Developments, Condominiums, either through contractual mechanisms (partnerships) or through corporate mechanisms (Special Purpose Companies, Special Partnerships), through sui generis mechanisms, such as through an Individual Real Estate Company, the result of matching corporate contracts.

■ Specialized consulting for  companies linked to real estate, consulting engineering, projects, planning, construction, sales, rental, management, incorporation, dismemberment, condominiums, allotments, real estate consortiums, real estate funds, real estate debentures, among others.

■ Assistance in the safe preparation and revision of contracts about transition of property at the lowest tax cost possible, adopting tax planning when applicable with the possibility of implementing simultaneous successor planning.

■ Preparation of all judicial instruments that involve real estate in general, such as purchase, sale, Promissory Agreement of Purchase and Sale, brokering contracts, intermediation agreements, swap, donation with or without reservation of usufruct, lease, sublease, accord and satisfaction, fiduciary transfer, loan for use, leasing, rural partnership, posting of guarantees (mortgage), among others.

■ Legal consulting about different real estate matters, such as surface rights, expropriations, public restrictions on property rights, easements, among others.